Revealing the 3 Common Causes of Cracks on Tile Roofing for Parker, CO, Homeowners

cracks on tile roofing

Seeing cracks on tile roofing can be alarming, but don’t panic just yet. It’s true that tile roofs are a popular choice among the various roofing options available for their durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. However, despite being one of the toughest roofing choices, they can still develop cracks and failures over time, which completely normal.

Nonetheless, it’s still important for Parker homeowners to be aware of the common causes of tile roofing cracks in order for them to prevent damage, avoid costly repairs, and apply effective maintenance.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the primary factors that contribute to cracked roof tiles and provide valuable insights on how to address and prevent these issues effectively.

Common Causes of Cracks on Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are common in Colorado areas such as Parker, Highlands Ranch, Denver, Aurora, and more. While they are one of the sturdiest types of roofing systems, cracks and breakages can occur now and then due to various reasons. Here are the 3 most common factors leading to cracks in tile roofing systems:

1. Weathering, Sun Exposure, and Aging

Roof tiles, especially older clay and cement tiles, are susceptible to cracking and failure as they age. Over time, these tiles become brittle and more prone to damage due to exposure to the elements.

Another significant factor contributing to tile failure is the impact of weathering and sun exposure. The expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations can lead to cracks as the moisture trapped within the tiles expands.

Colorado weather is often unpredictable and changing from extremes. There are instances of an 80°F temperature change within a day, and concrete tile roofs expand at different rates. Because of this, you may notice cracks on tile corners due to the tiles shifting.

During winter season, the freeze and thaw cycle has a similar effect, with the expanding and contracting of tiles causing damage.

2. Wind, Hail, and Rain

Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on your roof tiles. Powerful storms, characterized by high winds, hail, and heavy rainfall are common root causes of cracks on tile roofing.

Strong winds can lift or dislodge tiles, leading to cracks or complete failure. Hailstones, especially larger ones, can impact the tiles with great force, resulting in shattered or broken tiles, especially if the tiles are old or already weakened.

Additionally, prolonged heavy rain can worsen existing cracks and increase the likelihood of water leaks.

3. Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Issues

Tiles must be installed with the correct spacing and weight distribution to ensure their stability and resistance to stress. Inadequate installation techniques, such as excessive fastening or improper work on flashings and metal components, can cause breakages or cracks on tile roofing.

Additionally, if the tiles are not installed correctly, they may not be able to withstand the normal wear and tear that comes with time.

Meanwhile, regular maintenance is essential to identify any potential issues before they escalate into larger problems. Neglecting to inspect and maintain your roof can lead to unnoticed cracks on tile roofing that worsens as time passes.

Other causes of cracks on tile roofing:

  • Foot Traffic: Because of the air gaps, taking a wrong step can leave cracks on tile roofing. Limit access to the roof and only allow experienced personnel, such as licensed builders and professional roofing contractors, to traverse the area. By minimizing foot traffic, homeowners can reduce the risk of tile damage and prolong the lifespan of their roof.
  • Fallen Tree Branches: Another common cause cracks on tile roofing is the impact damage caused by fallen tree branches. Trees situated near homes can pose a risk to the roof, especially during severe weather conditions. Branches can break or dislodge tiles upon impact, resulting in cracks and potential water leaks.
  • Gutter Replacement: During gutter replacement, there is a risk of damaging roof tiles, particularly along the eaves. The process of detaching old gutters can inadvertently lead to broken tiles. While the occurrence of damage is relatively low, it is important to check for any broken tiles and address them promptly.

Preventing Further Damage to your Tile Roof

In addition to regular inspections and maintenance, there are several steps you can follow to prevent cracks on tile roofing:

  • Start by regularly inspecting your roof for any signs of damage. Pay attention to loose or cracked tiles and address them promptly. Get the help of a professional roofer near you for a more accurate roof inspection.
  • Keep your gutters clean and free from debris. Clogged gutters can lead to water buildup, which can seep into your roof and cause damage.
  • Trim overhanging tree branches to prevent them from rubbing against your roof and potentially damaging the tiles.
  • Consider applying a protective coating to your roof tiles. This can help prevent cracks and prolong the life of your tiles.
  • Consider installing a roof ventilation system. Proper ventilation can help regulate the temperature and reduce moisture buildup, both of which can contribute to cracked tiles.

Identifying and Inspecting Cracks on Tile Roofing

If you suspect your tile roof to have cracks or damages after severe weather conditions or extreme temperatures, it’s always a good idea to get a roof inspection to identify any signs of damages. Doing so can prevent further damage and allows you to promptly apply repairs.

Start by visually examining your roof from the ground. Look for any obvious signs of cracking or loose tiles. If you notice anything suspicious, it’s best to take a closer look to evaluate the full extent of damage to your tile roof. To do this, you or a professional roofer would need to access your roof and carefully walk around, inspecting each tile for cracks or damage.

Pay close attention to areas that are more prone to cracking, such as corners and edges. If there are any cracked tiles, mark them for repair and apply fixes as soon as possible.

Repairing Cracks on Tile Roofing

Repairing cracked tiles on your roof is a task that should be taken seriously. If left unaddressed, cracked tiles can lead to water leaks, which can cause significant damage to your property.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to repair the cracked tiles yourself or hire a professional. However, for accurate inspections and expert repairs, it is recommended to hire a trusted professional roofer in Parker, CO, to do the job.

DIY tile roof repairs are possible for minor damages and if you have the tools and experience to correctly fix the damage. However, if you are unsure or inexperienced working with tile roofs, it’s best to get the help of a professional, as incorrect DIY repairs can end up causing more damage and costing more money in the long run.

Hiring a Professional Roofer in Parker, CO

Why is it a good idea to hire a professional for roof tile repairs? A professional will have the expertise and knowledge to identify any underlying issues and provide the appropriate solutions.

They can also ensure that the repairs are done correctly and in a timely manner, preventing any further damage to your roof. When hiring a professional, make sure to do your research and choose a reputable and experienced roofer. Ask for references and check online reviews to ensure you are hiring someone reliable.

Taking Proactive Steps to Protect Your Tile Roofing

In conclusion, cracked tiles on your roof may be alarming, but with the right knowledge and proactive steps, you can prevent further damage. By understanding the common causes of cracked tiles, identifying and inspecting them regularly, and taking appropriate repair and prevention measures, you can ensure the long-lasting integrity of your roof.

Remember, when in doubt, it’s always best to consult a professional for any roof tile repairs. By maintaining a healthy roof, you are not only protecting your investment but also ensuring the safety and comfort of your home for years to come.

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